Utah paleontologists want to move dinosaur fossils

Utah paleontologists are trying to figure out how to bring a large collection of dinosaur fossils near Moab back to a laboratory.

Utah paleontologists want to move dinosaur fossils
"This thing was found in 2001 by a student doing geology out here," Kirkland said. "What's in it is so dense, we can't put an ice pick into it without hitting a skeleton."  [Credit: KSL]
State paleontologist James Kirkland says scientists have been working to carve out the Utahraptor fossils for 10 years and would like to bring the pile back to a lab so it can be carefully picked apart.

He says the paleontologists cannot afford to bring in a heavy-lift helicopter from out of state to move the fossils off the steep slope where they're lodged.

Kirkland says the group is hoping donations may come in to help pay to fly the fossils out.

KSL-TV reports a construction company is also offering to build a large, protective box to slowly drag the fossils down the slope.

Source: Associated Press [June 11, 2013]

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