8 million year old Hyena skull found in Turkey

The skull of hyena believed to be 8 million years old has been discovered by researchers in an excavation area in the Central Anatolian province of Çankırı.

8 million year old Hyena skull found in Turkey
Paleontologists in Çankırı have found the fossils of around 20 species. The latest of these
discoveries is a millions of years old skull of a hyena [Credit: AA]
“We started excavations on July 8. We have found two surprises since then. Following a [40-centimter] rhino fossil, we found a hyena skull. This is the first hyena skull found here. We estimate that this fossil date back 8 million years ago,” said Ankara University Professor Ayla Sevim Erol.

Paleontologists at the site have so far found the fossils of around 20 species, including elephants, horses, rhinoceros, pigs, giraffes, deer, sheep, monkeys and others.

Erol said they had removed more than 100 fossils in this year’s excavations. “Actually we did not plan to find that many fossils this year. But we had to collect the remains of many fossils in the area. Fortunately, we found many original things this year.” 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [September 05, 2013]

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