Late Byzantine monastery discovered in Crete

An important center of literature and education of the Byzantine years, which could be considered as the first Greek university, was excavated by Professor Ath. Paliouras in the location Losoudi of Asterousia, in Herakleion regional unit, at an altitude of 880 meters below the top of Kofinas Mountain.

Late Byzantine monastery discovered in Crete
Foundations of the the mid 14th -Century monastery of the Three Holy
Hierarchs at Asterousia [Credit: Greek Reporter]
According to FlashNews, the excavation revealed the monastery of the Three Holy Hierarchs that was founded in the mid 14th -Century, by the scholar monk Joseph Filagris, who was one of the most important commentators on Aristotle.

Professor G. Papazoglu highlighted the important role of Filagris in his doctoral thesis under the supervision of the late Professor Nikos Panagiotakis.

The deserted monastery was firstl discovered in 1992 by the journalist-author Nikos Psilakis who included it in his book Monasteries and Hermitages of Crete.

The impressive data of the excavation research were presented by professor Paliouras, in the presence of the Metropolitan bishop of Gortys and Arkadia Makarios and of the governor of Crete region Stavros Arnaoutakis.

Professor Parliouras underlined that during that time Aristotelian philosophy was presented throughout Europe “because he was the founder of the positive sciences,” as he said.

Stavros Arnaoutakis talked about a great effort, “a very important discovery for the Greek Civilization, the history of Crete, made by professor Paliouras in cooperation with the Holy Metropolis of Gortys and Arkadia.

Author: Maria Korologou | Source: Greek Reporter [September 24, 2013]

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