Megalithic pillar statue found in southern France

A megalithic pillar statue dating back to the Neolithic period has been found on the banks of Lake Raviège in the Upper Languedoc nature reserve in southern France.

Megalithic pillar statue found in southern France
The statue menhir discovered in Lake Raviège [Credit: © F3 MP]
The 2.07 metres tall granite statue, or 'statue-menhir' as it is otherwise called, was excavated in late September in La Salvetat-sur-Agout, Hérault and is in excellent condition.

"This is a beautiful male statue-menhir, fairly standard for most of its attributes, anthropomorphic in design with a sheathed knife," says archaeologist Michel Maille, "however, it has a rather unique face, which is slightly raised and evokes a mask and it's also the first male statue to have a mouth", he added.

Only four of the 150 statue-menhirs found in the region, all female, have mouths and for this reason are often referred to as 'silent deities'.

All date to the Neolithic and Copper Age.

Source: France 3 [November 20, 2013]

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